Firm profile

Firm profile

Name: MONT UNION s.r.o.
Head office: Marie Kršňákové 134, 403 17 Chabařovice

Our firm with its production programme ranks among the fabricators of medium-heavy and heavy steel structures. It was established in 1996. We fabricate, on average, 80 tons of steel structures a week in our shop floors. This fabrication is ensured by highly qualified workers. High-quality material preparation on precision dividing machinery together with welding carried out by using semi-automatic welding machines only is a guarantee of high precision and quality of the steel structures fabricated.

In the firm's production programme there are also technological steel structures besides common building steel structures. We fabricate, supply and assemble steel halls including their jacketing, awnings, shelters, but also staircases, ladders, and steel roof frames. We are able to assemble all our production capacity by our own assembling team, equipped with its own assembling mechanisms and qualified staff. Our products quality is guaranteed with the implemented quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001:2001.

Technical background

  • Fabrication is carried out in a shop floor equipped with two travelling cranes with their loading capacity of 5 tons each.
  • Welding is carried out by using welding semi-automatic welding machines in inert atmosphere of mixed gases.
  • In order to divide material we use shearing machine having 3m long knives and being able to split common quality material up to 25mm and also one profiled shears.
  • In order to divide rolled sections we use several power saws and abrasive cutting machines. The band saw with its cutting angle digital adjustment and a possibility of cutting sections up to their size 600 x 400mm is the most modern of them all.
  • Other machinery - milling machine, lathes, boring machine, roundness grinder, press, pillar drilling machines.